How to intensify Intellectual Property Protection, the government work report says. NPC&CPPCC hot words

How to intensify Intellectual Property Protection, the government work report says. NPC&CPPCC hot words

step up original innovation


We will increase support for basic research and application-oriented basic research, step up original innovation, and work harder to achieve breakthroughs in core technologies in key fields.


We will strengthen intellectual property protection across the board, improve the system of punitive compensation for IP infringements, and promote invention and creation and their industrial application.


We must fully respect and trust our scientists and researchers, and empower teams and leaders of innovation by placing more human, financial, and material resources at their disposal and giving them more power to make decisions on technology road maps.


We will further increase the proportion of indirect funding for basic research projects, pilot the creation of ceilings in funding that enable the retention of unused funds, set no limits on the proportions of spending items, and give research teams the power to decide how to use funds. 


We will strengthen research ethics, improve academic practice, take disciplinary action against academic misconduct, and guard firmly against rash action.



credit rating-based regulation and the Internet Plus Regulation


We will continue interdepartmental oversight conducted through the random selection of both inspectors and inspection targets and the prompt release of results. We will promote credit rating-based regulation and the Internet Plus Regulation reform initiative.


We will deepen the reform of coordinated law enforcement by government departments, overhaul government penalties and punitive measures, and address overlap and duplication in enforcement. 


Regulators themselves must also be subject to strong oversight and follow rules. There can be no tolerance for selective or arbitrary law enforcement or for making things difficult for businesses and people.


targeted and efficient support for the real economy


We will reform and refine monetary and credit supply mechanisms, and employ as needed a combination of quantitative and pricing approaches, like required reserve ratios and interest rates, to guide financial institutions in increasing credit supply and bringing down the cost of borrowing, ensure targeted and efficient support for the real economy.


More targeted cuts will be made to required reserve ratios for medium and small banks; the additional funds thus released will be lent to private enterprises and small and micro businesses.



We will support large commercial banks in replenishing capital through multiple channels, strengthen their capacity to supply credit, and encourage them to increase medium- and long-term loans and credit loans to the manufacturing sector.


This year, loans to be granted to small and micro businesses by large state-owned commercial banks will increase by over 30 percent.

boost infrastructure investment


800 billion yuan will be invested in railway construction, 1.8 trillion yuan will be invested in road construction and waterway projects, and work will start on a number of major water conservancy projects.


We will speed up planning and construction of the Sichuan-Tibet Railway, and boost infrastructure investment for intercity transportation, logistics, utilities, disaster prevention and mitigation, and civil and general aviation. We will further develop next-generation information infrastructure.


the development environment for the private sector


We will follow the principle of competitive neutrality, so that when it comes to access to factors of production, market access and licenses, business operations, government procurement, public biddings, and so on, enterprises under all forms of ownership will be treated on an equal footing.


We will foster a new type of cordial and clean relationship between government and business, improve mechanisms for their communication, inspire entrepreneurial spirit.


In the protection of property rights we must be firm and unwavering. Infringements on property rights will be dealt with in accordance with law and any wrongly adjudicated cases will be corrected.


multi-tiered capital markets


We will take further reform measures to make budgets more transparent, and promote reform efforts to clearly define the respective fiscal powers and expenditure responsibilities of central and local governments.


We will improve local tax systems and prudently advance legislation on real estate tax.


We will improve the mechanisms by which local governments secure financing.


We will reform and improve the structure of the financial system, and develop private and community banks, to better serve the real economy.


an all-round deepening of reforms


We will open more sectors and improve the layout of opening up, continue to promote opening up based on flows of goods and factors of production, and give greater emphasis to opening up based on rules and related institutions, driving an all-round deepening of reforms through high-standard opening up.


We will further relax controls over market access, shorten the negative list for foreign investment, and permit wholly foreign funded enterprises to operate in more sectors. 


We will expand the China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone, step up the building of the China (Hainan) Pilot Free Trade Zone, and explore the opening of a free trade port with Chinese features. 


We will advance negotiations on the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership, the China-Japan-ROK Free Trade Agreement, and the China-EU Investment Agreement, and continue to promote China-US trade negotiations.