Founder Security protection

 image.png Case background

In order to deal with the public relations crisis of the company, the client company entrusts our company to provide security and investigation services, including the security of the docking personnel of the client company. And dynamically update and investigate the relevant target tasks of the case.

image.png Draw up a plane

In the process of providing security for the client company, our company has formulated a complete and detailed negotiation strategy for the client

image.pngImplementation process

During the negotiation process, our staff accompanied the whole process to help the customer obtain absolute advantages in the negotiation, grasp the dynamics of the target person in real time, and provide on-site support at any time to prevent the target person from causing harm to the docking personnel of the customer's company

image.png Case result

Finally, Steele successfully avoided risks for the client company, solved trouble and disputes, and successfully resolved the public relations crisis of the client company