Embezzlement Investigation

 image.pngCase background

Zhang and Li are respectively the vice president of a well-known company in Shanghai and the head of the sales department. Recently, their consumption behavior has been extremely extravagant; The company also received anonymous reports from other employees, reflecting some violations in their work.

image.pngDoubtful evidence

Taking advantage of his position, Zhang instructed Li to transfer tens of millions of yuan in his custody to the overseas company account controlled by Zhang under various names such as "consulting fee" and "assistance fee". Then the two shared the stolen goods and used them for various luxury consumption, such as stock speculation, financial management, vehicle purchase and overseas travel.

image.pngCase result

and its cooperative law firm assisted the client company to report the case to the law enforcement authorities for prosecution. Finally, Zhang and Li were sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment by the court for the crime of misappropriating funds, and the company also successfully recovered tens of millions of illegally misappropriated funds.