Anti-fraud Investigation

 image.pngCase background

Zhang and Li are vice presidents and regional leaders of a well-known company in Shanghai. Recently, the two have engaged in a large amount of luxury consumption behavior, and the company has received anonymous reports about them, which has attracted high attention from the company's management. However, the company is struggling with a lack of evidence and is unable to conduct in-depth investigations.

image.pngDoubtful evidence

Zhang and Li, taking advantage of their positions, privately misappropriated the company's accounts receivable and indirectly transferred them multiple times to personal accounts controlled by Zhang. They first sought huge profits through stock trading and financial management, and then returned the misappropriated public funds.

image.pngCase result

On the basis of collecting sufficient evidence, our company assisted customer in reporting case to local law enforcement agencies. After nearly two years of unremitting efforts by law enforcement agencies at all levels, Zhang and Li were respectively sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment by the court for committing the crime of misappropriating funds. The customer company also successfully recovered all funds illegally obtained by the personnel involved.