Non-competition Agreement Violation Solutions

Mr. Zhou and Mr. Li are the core executives of customer company. After leaving, now the company they work in is the same industry as customer company in the competition limit period, so they are in violation of competition restrictions obligations. 

Through the preliminary investigation, we know that after the departure of the two people, the company that continues to pay social security is Shanghai Industrial Co., Ltd . (which is not in the same industry with customer company. The company signed a labor contract with the two people). In order to obtain the evidence that two people violate the competition restriction, we investigate the actions which violate the non-competition agreement made by two target persons. 

By dynamic tracking of the target person, we found that the target person has been in and out of the same industry company's headquarters and several stores for several working days, including but not limited to, dining, meeting and arranging work with many of the target company's key personnel, and close contact with the chairman of the target company.