Brand rights protection and counterfeiting

 image.pngCase background

A foreign-funded high-tech enterprise spends a lot of money on R & D and innovation every year, but recently several executives took away the core products and R & D technology of the enterprise when they left.

image.pngEvidence collection process

After accepting the entrustment, Steele immediately conducted background investigation on the target and its companies to assist the client company in mastering the relevant evidence of the target's infringement of intellectual property rights.

image.pngClue evidence

It is found that before the target person uses the company's core products and R & D technology, he will open production plants abroad, win over overseas sales teams, and seize market share by means of low-cost competition.

image.pngCase result

According to the available evidence, the case was successfully filed in conjunction with the law firm. The ultimate target was taken to court, and the client successfully obtained high criminal claims.