Personal use of public vehicles, power and sex trading

Personal use of public vehicles, power and sex trading... Corrupt officials committed these thing as following.

Since last year, China has intensified its crackdown on corruption, and paid close attention to the eight point authority rules of the Central Committee. A large number of corrupt officials have been captured. We have heard of all kinds of corruption charges committed by them. But do you know how to say it in English?



Personal use of public vehicles

Private use of public cars is a kind of corruption involving government vehicles, which also includes: reimbursement of private car expenses, irregular subsidies, waste involving government vehicles, purchase of excessively luxurious cars, an excessive number of government vehicles, etc.



Failure to report personal matters,

such as true income, assets, children and marriages


According to the regulations, leading cadres' personal matters must be reported to the organization, which is a fundamental policy to combat corruption and promote integrity. The personal matters to be reported mainly include: Leaders' true income , real estate (assets) investment , marriage changes of leading cadres themselves, their spouses and children's emigration to other countries and employment, etc.




Frequent visits to private clubs or expensive resorts


Private clubs are what we call "clubs". In recent years, some public parks and historic sites have been converted into private clubs for government officials to conduct power - for money deals. In order to curb this corruption, the central government requires government officials not to go to and from luxury clubs and not to accept membership cards from clubs



Indulging in corruption of family members


Indulging in corruption of family members refers to backyard corruption

In recent years, family corruption is common. Some officials' relatives use the political influence of officials to seek illegal benefits. Some leaders will fall into the "fall into the trap of kinship", and some leaders will also accept bribes from relatives' business activities.



Committing adultery


For Party members and cadres, "adultery is a red line that cannot be touched.". Because leading cadres have the power to distribute social resources, adultery will provide hotbeds for "trading one's power for sex" such as "using power for sex" and so on



Speaking ill of government policies


According to the regulations, "discussing the major policies of the Central Committee in vain and undermining the centralization and unification of the party" is listed in the negative list of "violating the political discipline and rules of the Communist Party of China [CPC]). According to the regulations, disciplinary warning or severe warning will be given to those who violate the political discipline and rules of the Communist Party of China [CPC]; if the circumstances are relatively serious, they will be given disciplinary warning, If the circumstances are serious, they shall be expelled from the CPC.



Forming factions and cliques


Factions and cliques refer to small groups. To organize cliques and gangs in the party is to form cliques,form parties for personal gain and win over people’s support. After the 18th National Congress of Communist Party of China(CPC), The Communist Party of China(CPC)has made great efforts to solve the problem of anti-corruption.



Engaging in superstitious activities


It is a betrayal of faith for party members and cadres to engage in conducting superstitious activities over a long period. This king of behavior can be divided into organizing superstitious activities and participating in superstitious activities, such as spending public money on things related to religion or harboring religious beliefs