December 29, 2020 suzhou, enterprise risk trilogy tour sharing ending in 2020





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Enterprise risk trilogy

previous activities


Live interaction, full answer in Shanghai, Nanjing, Guangzhou, Beijing.

LCOUNCIL joins hands with creditors and partners from different well-known firms

sharing tour in many cities in China

To build a legal circle in all cities


Let more customers enjoy the joy of learning legal knowledge in their respective cities.

There is no vague talk, only the enterprise secrets directly to the core

Every sharing person will bring the the most direct and efficient themes to the audience.



上海站    8月14日

南京站    9月25日

广州站    10月16日

北京站    11月20日 

苏州站    12月29日




Every station enterprise risk trilogy sharing meeting is not the same

there is the trump card sharing of resident lawyer LiuBin

There are also authoritative partners from different well-known firms

And the brilliant appearance of senior corporate guests

Focus on the three major risk problems faced by enterprises

According to the practical significance of different legal circle


SUZHOU  the trilogy of enterprise risk in 2020

sharing guests:



Founding partner of the creditor group


senior partner of shanghai Roedl law firm


He has served as the general counsel for many international multinational corporations and banks in China and Asia Pacific region


He has been practicing for more than ten years in several law firms.

Engaged in and participated in legal services, including banking, insurance, asset management, etc



Director of Shanghai Xieli (Suzhou) law firm


Senior partner of Shanghai Xieli (Suzhou) law firm


Practice field : Commercial litigation, corporate governance, government legal affairs


Social positions; member of civil professional committee of all China Lawyers Association, deputy director of civil and commercial Business Committee of Jiangsu Lawyers Association, executive director of Economic Law Research Association of Jiangsu law society ,arbitrator of Suzhou Arbitration Commission, Arbitrator of Shijiazhuang Arbitration Commission, part-time professor of Shanghai University of foreign trade and economic cooperation,etc.




Moderator of the round table discussion


General manager of Shanghai Steele Business information Consulting Co., Ltd


Commercial Investigation Center Director of Shanghai Roedl law firm


Mainly engaged in financial and corporate second instance and retrial cases of the Supreme Court, as well as non litigation business of finance and company.


Help customers/clients to collect background information, non-performing assets and actual management status , ability to fulfill the contract ,strategic planning and litigation record of the target company and actual controller.



#1 Part one

Credit management and current collection


 the basis of enterprise survival and development is Cash flow.

If the receivable accounts are not recovered in time,

It will affect the production and operation of enterprises.

 So after that,

What should be done after overdue receivable accounts  

How to carry out internal collection work?

How to collect money through litigation,arbitration, preservation and enforcement?

How to select third party collection agencies and law firms?



 Lawyer Liu Bin

 will bring the actual theme sharing.


#2 Part 2


 How to recover creditor’s rights through bankruptcy procedure?


at the same time, the development of enterprises presents different trends.

Many enterprises are faced with life and death


Some of these enterprises are suffering from continuous shutdown and heavy economic burden


It is possible to apply for bankruptcy liquidation


Three kinds of bankruptcy procedures under the framework of China’s bankruptcy law

How can creditors start bankruptcy proceedings?

what are the conditions and procedures for creditors to apply for bankruptcy?

How can creditors deeply participate in bankruptcy proceedings?

What are the rights enjoyed by creditors and how to exercise the rights?



In depth communication with lawyer Zhao Sheng


Break through the difficulty of clearing bad creditors rights one by one


#3 Part 3

New activity: Round table discussion


 Listen to the in-depth exchange of industry experts,


and dig out more inside information.



Mr.Wei Yingjie was specially invited to be the moderator of the round table discussion

Joint discussion the topic,

Analysis and Countermeasures of hot and difficult problems in enterprise risk prevention.

Activity address

 Wuzhong District, Suzhou

Shanghai Xieli (Suzhou) law firm

Wuzhong District, Suzhou

12F, block C, Suzhou center, Industrial Park

13:00-17:00 on December 29th

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NANJING  ended


BEIJING   ended