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2019 Nov

How to intensify Intellectual Property Protection, the government work report says. NPC&CPPCC hot words

We will increase support for basic research and application-oriented basic research, step up original innovation, and work harder to achieve breakthroughs in co...

2019 Sep

Xi's harsh remarks on corruption

Here are 20 quotes from Chinese President Xi Jinping regarding stringent requirements for Party members. Most of them, colloquial but harsh, are revealed for th...

2020 Jun

leaders that lose their reputation in their late years

Recently, Sarkozy's corruption case shook French politics. In fact, leaders in many countries and regions have been in office for a long time, but have been inv...

2020 Jun

December 29, 2020 suzhou, enterprise risk trilogy tour sharing ending in 2020

Live interaction, full answer in Shanghai, Nanjing, Guangzhou, Beijing. LCOUNCIL joins hands with creditors and partners from different well-known firms shari...

2020 Aug

Personal use of public vehicles, power and sex trading

Since last year, China has intensified its crackdown on corruption, and paid close attention to the eight point authority rules of the Central Committee. A larg...

2020 Jul

Articles of law :Regulations on non competition

An employer may enter an agreement with hi employees in the labor contract to require his employees to keep the business secrets and intellectual property of th...